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On the Verge...

Only one game, and one team, stands between Kansas State and the promised land that's eluded them for the past forty-six years.  Both teams, Butler and Kansas State, seemingly look like teams of destiny after their wins on Thursday, and Butler has the added incentive of trying to play in their home city of Indianapolis for the Final Four.

There are no words that can truly express what this game means to both the teams and their fans.  It's Butler's first trip to the Elite Eight, and it's Kansas State's first trip since 1988.  Both teams are entering into uncharted territory.

Both teams are hungry.  Most of all, both teams are attempting to fulfill their destiny and the path that lies before them.

Regardless of what happens today, it's been an amazing ride.  None of us want it to end, but if it does, let's thank this team for the joy they've given us this season.

Let's thank them for the effort and how they've represented our university.  Let's all be proud of the fact that they've made Kansas State relevant again.

But, let's not let that end.  Let's continue down the path of greatness and break through the wall into the Final Four.

Bring on the Cats.