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TOURNEY WATCH: 3/20/2010

I don't know if TB will be posting an NCAA discussion thread today, so feel free to use this as such until the open game thread pops up at 6 p.m.

There was a little less Madness on Friday, but a few double-digit seeds still advanced to the second round.

Among them was Georgia Tech, the second mediocre ACC team to upend a higher-seeded Big 12 team. The Yellow Jackets shot an ungodly 95 percent from the free-throw line, but Oklahoma State still had its chances to win — at least, until James Anderson lost the ball in traffic on the worst dribble drive I've ever seen.

If there's any consolation, it's that Okie Lite and Texas both tied for sixth place in the conference. Our elite teams — Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri (who thankfully returned the favor and upset a higher-seeded, but still mediocre, ACC team) and Texas A&M — all still are alive.

Meanwhile, non-conference opponents Mississippi and Xavier also posted tournament wins. The Rebels beat Baby-Face Pastner and his Memphis Tigers to advance to the "Elite Eight" of the NIT and redeem their season slightly, while the Musketeers did exactly what they were supposed to do: Eject the worst Big Ten team from the tourney.

Unfortunately, excitement for all these accomplishments undoubtedly is tempered here at BOTC because little ol' UAPB's can-do season finally drew to a close with a 73-44 loss to the hated Dookies. But shed no tears for the Golden Lions, who acquitted themselves well by posting a legendary (by their standards) 18-16 season.

By the way, who had worse fail in the first round: The Big East, with its 4-4 record (nearly 3-5), or the A-10, which once was considered for 4-6 spots, but now is 1-2, with both losses coming to lower-seeded and much smaller mid-majors Cornell and Saint Mary's?

AP Ranking = 7

ESPN/USA Today Ranking = 7

NCAA Seed = 2 (West Region)

Record = 27-7

  • Loyola Chicago (14-16)
  • Western Illinois (13-17)
  • Boston University (20-13)
  • No. 2* seed Ole Miss (23-10): Win over No. 3* seed Memphis (90-81 in the NIT)
  • No. 3* seed Dayton (21-12)
  • IUPUI (25-10)
  • FHSU (22-7)
  • Washington State (16-15)
  • No. 6 seed Xavier (25-8): Win over No. 11 seed Minnesota (65-54 in the NCAA Tournament)
  • No. 8 seed UNLV (25-9)
  • Alabama (17-15)
  • No. 16 seed UAPB (18-16): Loss to No. 1 seed Duke (73-44 in the NCAA Tournament)
  • Cleveland State (16-17)
  • South Dakota (22-10)
  • No. 10 seed Missouri (23-10): Win over No. 7 seed Clemson (86-78 in the NCAA Tournament)
  • No. 5 seed Texas A&M (24-9): Win over No. 12 seed Utah State (69-53 in the NCAA Tournament)
  • Colorado (15-16)
  • No. 8 seed Texas (24-10)
  • No. 7 seed Oklahoma State (22-11): Loss to No. 10 seed Georgia Tech (64-59 in the NCAA Tournament)
  • No. 3 seed Baylor (26-7)
  • No. 1 seed Kansas (33-2)
  • Nebraska (15-18)
  • Iowa State (15-17)
  • Oklahoma (13-18)
  • No. 5* seed Texas Tech (18-15)
  • No. 15 seed North Texas (24-9)
  • No. 7 seed BYU (30-5)