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BIG 12 TOURNAMENT OUTLOOK: 03.13.10 (Open Game Thread)

After a long and historic season, it all comes down to this: 40 minutes of basketball separating K-State from its first Big 12 men's basketball championship ever.

I'm so damn tired of losing to these guys. I sat through their victory in the final game two seasons ago, and that was insufferable enough. Words cannot describe how horrific it will feel to hear that bloody chant echoing off the Sprint Center rafters if we drop a sixth straight game to the University of Kansas.

So let's win instead. Losing is easy, and it won't cost us a thing. But winning takes guts, and those have been on display aplenty this week. Winning means something — it sends a message and it sets a tone for next year.

And most important, winning temporarily will silence one of the most vocal fan bases in all of March Madness. How sweet would that be?

Sagarin's prediction: No. 1 Kansas 86, No. 2 Kansas State 80 (5 p.m., ESPN)

Aw, go to hell, Sagarin.

Yesterday's Results

  • No. 1 Kansas 79, No. 4 Texas A&M 66
  • No. 2 Kansas State 82, No. 3 Baylor 75

Unfortunately, Sagarin has his thumb firmly on the pulse of this particular Big 12 Tournament. After upset-minded Session 1 came to an end, it's been all chalk since then.

For the sake of the Wildcats, let's hope that pattern doesn't continue today.