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BIG 12 TOURNAMENT OUTLOOK: 03.11.10 (Open Game Thread)

This essentially is the same feature as yesterday, except there is some brief discussion of yesterday's games after the jump.

It again will function as an open discussion thread throughout the day, including for K-State's game against Oklahoma State, because I don't have time to set up a "normal" open game thread.

Also, sorry I forgot to have a poll yesterday. I've rectified that mistake today.

Predictions and yesterday's results are after the jump.

Sagarin Predictions

  1. No. 1 Kansas 96, No. 9 Texas Tech 80 (11:30 a.m. | ESPN2)
  2. No. 4 Texas A&M 87, No. 12 Nebraska 77 (2 p.m. | Big 12 Network)
  3. No. 2 Kansas State 89, No. 7 Oklahoma State 85 (6 p.m. | Big 12 Network)
  4. No. 3 Baylor 89, No. 6 Texas 88 (OT) (8:20 p.m. | ESPN2)

Well, Tech's not gonna beat KU, so perish the thought. I also give Nebraska less than a 10-percent chance to up-end the Aggies, and even if they do, there's no way the Huskers will beat KU, either — so the morning games are sort of uninteresting to me as far as K-State's prospects are concerned.

But that's what happens when you have upsets.

On the south side of the bracket, both top seeds advanced, setting up a pair of doozies today. Any two of these four teams could advance to tomorrow and it wouldn't surprise me.

As hard is this is for Cat fans to do, if we survive Okie Lite, we need to be loud Texas fans in the nightcap. I'd much rather have to face a Longhorn team playing its third game (that still doesn't look like much of a team) than the Bears in just their second.

Yesterday's Results

  • No. 9 Texas Tech 82, No. 8 Colorado 67
  • No. 12 Nebraska 75, No. 5 Missouri 60
  • No. 7 Oklahoma State 81, No. 10 Oklahoma 67
  • No. 6 Texas 82, No. 11 Iowa State 75

Three out of four ain't bad, and it fits with my 5-1 pattern all season long.

I'm not really surprised Colorado lost, since it's hard to beat a team twice in five days, but I am a little surprised it got away from them in the second half after they had a strong start. Maybe the Buffs aren't quite as improved as we thought, because Tech snapped a seven-game losing streak and just isn't that good.

Missouri absolutely delivered a belly-flop, albeit an amusing one. I think they're still in the NCAA Tournament, but Mizzou sure gave the committee some reasons to question it.

Oklahoma State's gonna be a handful tonight for K-State. Worse yet, they did it without using James Anderson that much. I think we need to play the guy straight up, and not allow Keiton Page and Obi Muonelo to beat us the way Oklahoma did.

For much of the game, I thought Iowa State could seize the win, and although the Cyclones hung in there, they never jumped in front when the opportunities presented themselves, thus allowing Texas to maintain a slight edge the whole way. Plus, their crowd only got loud a few times, when it could have created a nice home advantage for them instead.