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In the interests of having at least some new content today, I thought I'd throw up a discussion thread for tonight's Big Monday games, which involve three Top 5 teams.

At 6 p.m., you can catch No. 4 Villanova in its second super-tough road game in three days, when the Wildcats descend into Morgantown to brave the wrath of Bob Huggins, the coin-throwing of West Virginia fans and, of course, the No. 5 Mountaineers.

Whenever that game ends — which will be approximately 8:45 p.m., considering how much Huggins' teams usually foul — No. 1 Kansas will enter "The Drum" to face suddenly reeling No. 14 Texas in Austin. This is the last chance for the Longhorns to salvage anything meaningful in the regular season, I think.

Both games can be found on ESPN. I'll be here tonight if anyone wants to pop in and comment on either game or just make fun of the Jayhawks.