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POWER 16: Feb. 4 Edition

Well, it's Thursday again, which means its time for y'all to critique my latest SBNation Power 16 ballot.

The Mountain West haters are gonna love this one, let me tell ya.

  1. Kansas Jayhawks (+1)
  2. Syracuse Orange (-1)
  3. Villanova Wildcats
  4. Kentucky Wildcats
  5. BYU Cougars (+1)
  6. West Virginia Mountaineers (+4)
  7. Purdue Boilermakers (+4)
  8. Texas Longhorns (-3)
  9. New Mexico Lobos (NR)
  10. Duke Blue Devils (-2)
  11. Kansas St. Wildcats (-2)
  12. Michigan St. Spartans (-5)
  13. Vanderbilt Commodores (-1)
  14. Tennessee Volunteers (NR)
  15. Baylor Bears (NR)
  16. Butler Bulldogs (NR)

All right, KU, you earned it.

BYU advanced by way of Texas' downfall and New Mexico jumped in due to an oversight on my part for not including them last week. Those teams have five losses combined (and one of those was to the other) and, along with Kansas, Syracuse, Villanova and Kentucky, are the only 20+ win teams in the nation. It's time for voters to wake up and smell the legitimacy.

Due to turmoil within the Top 10, Purdue and West Virginia slowly worked their way back to the spots they vacated in early January with some painful losses. I still think both could be Elite Eight teams, especially now that WVU has added who Bob Huggins thinks is his best player — Deniz Kilicli.

Texas' woes are well known, while Duke slid for losing a road game in an arena that USF followed them into and won at. Michigan State fell right back to No. 12, where I had the Spartans two weeks ago, less because of their ugly loss in Madison and more because of the loss of Kalin Lucas for an indeterminate period of time.

Consider Duke and K-State to be in a tie for 10th, more than 10th and 11th, respectively. I just went with alphabetical order — or you could say I broke the tie with the coaches' poll.

Baylor, Butler and Tennessee moved in because I'm running out of options at the bottom end, although the Bears certainly deserve to be ranked. Temple didn't quite make the cut due to a lack of quality wins, and Georgetown and Wisconsin fell out because I'm not including five-loss teams just yet. And Pittsburgh has lost three of four, so they're done.

So there you have it. Fire away!