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POWER 16: Feb. 25 Edition

It's getting harder and harder to find 16 good teams for this thing.

IMO, there are seven very good teams, followed by three good mid-majors, followed by zero five-loss teams, followed by a whole bunch of mediocrity.

So from No. 11 on down, don't take it too seriously. Those teams don't appear to be, either, because they keep losing.

  1. Kansas Jayhawks
  2. Kentucky Wildcats
  3. Syracuse Orange
  4. Purdue Boilermakers (+1)
  5. Duke Blue Devils (+1)
  6. Kansas St. Wildcats (+1)
  7. Villanova Wildcats (-3)
  8. New Mexico Lobos (+1)
  9. BYU Cougars (-1)
  10. Butler Bulldogs (+4)
  11. Texas Longhorns (+4)
  12. West Virginia Mountaineers (-2)
  13. Baylor Bears (-2)
  14. Vanderbilt Commodores (-2)
  15. Ohio St. Buckeyes (NR)
  16. Pittsburgh Panthers (NR)

Other than Villanova's fall, there wasn't much change at the top.

I flipped BYU and New Mexico, per one reader's suggestion, because of the Lobos' higher poll ranking and projected NCAA seed. But the Cougars easily could reverse that decision by winning Saturday's game and, in the process, locking up the Mountain West title.

Since everyone keeps losing, Butler and Texas basically moved up by default, but they probably don't belong where they're ranked. All the six-loss teams look fairly equivalent, but Baylor, Vanderbilt and West Virginia all lost, whereas the Bulldogs and the Longhorns won — so up they went.

Ohio State finally entered my power rankings, a move that probably was long overdue.

I considered at least five teams for the final spot, and it might seem weird that I settled on Pittsburgh after its flop loss to Notre Dame the other night. But that's the first such loss for the Panthers in quite a while, and at least it came on the road.

Georgetown has losses like that at home, Missouri hasn't yet done quite enough to merit inclusion, and Tennessee and Wisconsin appear to be falling apart at the worst possible time.

In addition to Georgetown, Gonzaga fell out this week after the shocking loss to Loyola Marymount.