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POWER 16: Feb. 18 Edition

OK, I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of this.

Follow the jump and see if you agree.

  1. Kansas Jayhawks
  2. Kentucky Wildcats (+1)
  3. Syracuse Orange (-1)
  4. Villanova Wildcats
  5. Purdue Boilermakers
  6. Duke Blue Devils (+2)
  7. Kansas St. Wildcats (+3)
  8. BYU Cougars (-2)
  9. New Mexico Lobos (-2)
  10. West Virginia Mountaineers (-1)
  11. Baylor Bears (+5)
  12. Vanderbilt Commodores (NR)
  13. Gonzaga Bulldogs (-1)
  14. Butler Bulldogs (-3)
  15. Texas Longhorns (-1)
  16. Georgetown Hoyas (-3)

Very minor shuffling at the top. There might have been more, but Villanova decided to immediately mimic Syracuse and stub its toe in similar fashion. Both teams lost at home to bubble teams fighting for their lives, and thus confirmed that neither is quite as good as Kansas or Kentucky.

I made a minor adjustment to my algorithm because I no longer could justify keeping BYU and New Mexico ahead of Duke and K-State. The Wildcats clearly are at least the seventh-best (if not better) team in the country.

While I still think the Cougars and Lobos are Top 10 caliber, in contrast to most "professional" voters, it's time to take into account that the Mountain West Conference is not as competitive as the ACC or the Big 12.

I didn't overly punish West Virginia, considering one loss came to No. 3 and the other came in 3OT. But one more defeat will send the Mountaineers plummeting to the bottom of this list, if not off it entirely.

After that, it got real hazy. Everyone else has five or six losses and it became difficult to differentiate. As a result, Baylor made a strong upward move and Vanderbilt replaced Tennessee, which lost to the Commodores and Kentucky, and thus fell out for this week.

A pair of Bulldogs, Gonzaga and Butler, fell for the same reason as BYU and New Mexico, while Texas and Georgetown stayed in because I really didn't see any better options. Ohio State's clunker at home exposed the Buckeyes, in my opinion.

The Longhorns and Hoyas have undeniable talent and are capable of beating many teams when they get into the NCAA Tournament — but each has some really head-scratching losses, too.

So there you go. Have at it!