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K-State Slate: 12.8.10




The late George Steinbrenner was the impetus behind college football being played at the new Yankee Stadium.

Could the NBA be coming to Kansas City?  Kevin Haskin has his midweek musings.

We have finally found a Nebraskan with a sense of humor over the whole conference realignment thingy.  (H/T to ZouDave at Rock M Nation).

Interesting.  ESPN has sued the University of Texas over UT's refusal to produce documents in response to its FOIA request.  I say "interesting" because it's ESPN that's supposed to be dropping a big chunk of change on the Longhorns' new TV network.  Well, among other reasons.

Also, as I noted on Twitter last night, ESPN's new "Bowl Bound" app commercial features a screen shot of Texas defeating K-State, 21-10.  Clearly, this app is not based in reality.