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If I were hired as the Head Coach tomorrow...

This would be the first thing that happened on Monday morning at the Vanier Sports Complex.

"Hi.  Who's your best recruit?"

Cosh gets his at 0:43.

Coach Snyder, the waters need to get calm.  Pronto.  The refs may have taken the brunt of our anger with an asinine call, but those of us who were paying attention to the game won't forget the nearly 500 yards of total offense and thirty-six points one of the most anemic units in all of college football was able to amass today.  Most of all, we realize that it wasn't an anomaly.  It was par for the course.

Happy New Year, everyone.  Thank God we have Frank.

PS - Adrian, I doubt you ever read this, but I have yet to find one K-State fan that blames you for what happened.  You made a Hell of a play, the ref made a monumentally and historically stupid call, and no one holds you in the wrong.  Just wanted to let you know that.