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K-State Slate: 12.3.10




Deb Patterson signed two during the November 10-17 early signing period. Haley Texada and Ashia Woods are both guards. Coach Patterson feels Texada brings a lot of speed and defensive tenacity, while Woods is a longer, athletic guard, who finishes well at the rim.

It's offical: K-State's first bowl since 2006 will be the Pinstripe Bowl. The team will play Syracuse, for what seems like the 1,593rd time.

Jeff Nusser at our fellow SBNation site, CougCenter, has a scouting report up for tonight's game. I found one quote particularly interesting -- and confusing:

I think their best chance rests in the referees calling a tight game. If they can get K-State out of what they do best -- fluster their opponents by harassing them physically -- much of KSU's physical advantage melts away, as many of their players aren't particularly skilled.

Not sure where he gets that our guys "aren't particularly skilled." Young, other than Jake and Curt? Sure. But "not particularly skilled"? I guess we'll see.

The K-State women's basketball team takes their shiny 6-0 record up against the 7-1 Iowa Hawkeyes in Iowa City, this afternoon at 2:00. This is the first time since 2003-04 that Coach Patterson's team will take on at least two ranked opponents in the non-conference schedule. The other was St. John's on November 13.

In news from around the league, Daniel Grossman of Bleacher Report, gives ten reasons that this Oklahoma State team is the best in school history, despite missing out on a league championship.

Not a ton of links today, I know, but leave any others you find in the comments.