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K-State Slate: 12.27.10




Here's hoping you had a great Christmas and that you're ready for the new year.

It's bowl week!  From the sounds of things, a fair amount of BOTC readers are in New York City for the Pinstripe Bowl this week.  Feel free to post pictures from any bowl-related activities.

Bill Snyder is an advocate of the bowl system.  He wasn't in 1998, but he's since reconciled with his bowl faith.

K-State's players have mixed feelings about the New York Yankees.  Some hate them.  Some are indifferent.  To Bill Snyder, they're America's Team (well, sort of).

The mayors of Manhattan and Syracuse have a wager on the game's outcome.  If the Cats lose, I'd love to see a woman from the East Coast drink a beer called "Buffalo Sweat."

Doug Marrone has lifted Syracuse from the ashes of the Greg Robinson era.

The northeast is getting nailed by a Nor'easter right now, with New York predicted to get 10-15 inches of snow total.  I can only imagine Snyder's worry over how this will affect the team's schedule.

Back to basketball.  K-State ended its two-game skid last Thursday against UMKC.  Rodney McGruder, fresh off two straight days of root canal surgery, nailed seven three-pointers to lead the way with 24 points.  Will Spradling also had a good game, and Wally Judge played with a lot of energy despite missing a lot of shots inside.

Austin Meek wasn't particularly impressed by K-State's handling of the Pullen/Kelly situation.

As posted by Catbacker98, maybe K-State should have just told the NCAA "taking a 95 percent discount on clothing from a local department store is against NCAA rules?  Are you sure?  Well, gosh, we didn't know that!"  The defense of "We Didn't Know That Was A Violation" has worked pretty well for Ohio State and Auburn.

And finally, a BOTC bowl pick 'em update.  VegasCat continues to lead, with a 6/8 success rate and lots of confidence points.  I, on the other hand, have still only missed on one of my eight picks, but thanks to a severe lack of confidence (five of my correct picks have been among my six least-confident choice), I have little to show for my efforts.