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K-State Slate: 12.23.10




Kevin Haskin wonders if K-State could thrive on the adversity and disrespect they're facing right now.  It's an interesting thought, because this team experienced something it had never seen before prior to this season: adulation.  It was expected that they would be good.  Maybe now, with the doubt beginning to creep in, they will rally and we'll see the dobermans again.

Or not.  This is not an encouraging read.  That "leadership thingy?"  Sigh.

K-State will forge ahead without Pullen and Kelly.  Tonight they play UMKC in Manhattan.  I will probably be in attendance.  Anyone else?

Some Big 12 teams are winning tough games right now.  Mizzou used a late run to drop Illinois last night in St. Louis.  Texas beat Michigan State in East Lansing.  And KU won a basketbrawl in Berkeley against Cal.

This is a great example of how not to troll another team's site.