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You Rank the Cats

After the Cats' latest "less-than-stellar" effort, in a horrid loss to Florida, I'm starting this as a semi-regular feature here at BOTC. I've seen some people downplaying how poorly we've played this year, but I get the sense that the general state of mind here at BOTC is changing now. For our purposes, I will only offer poll choices from 7 and down, since it wouldn't make any logical sense to move them up after such a putrid effort. I also won't offer anything below 20, as there's no way the Cats drop out of the top 20 from #6. I will be honest, I am dropping them to #16 in my top 25, as I haven't thought we were truly a 1op 10 team for about 2 or 3 weeks. Debate and discuss your views in the comments.