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Florida drills K-State, 57-44

Early on, it looked as though K-State used the finals-week break to iron out some issues and was ready for the Florida Gators.  At one point midway through the first half, the Wildcats led 20-8, and UF couldn't do anything against K-State's defense.

Fast forward a mere 90 minutes, and the Cats will be on a plane back to Manhattan on the receiving end of a blowout loss.  After scoring 20 points in the first 10 minutes or so, K-State only put up 24 the rest of the way.  Atrocious shooting doomed K-State.

Despite all the struggles early in the year, this team has always brought it and played well against good teams, Duke excepted.  Tonight was a different story.  Once the momentum turned against K-State, the team couldn't find an answer.  It doesn't get any easier, as the UNLV Runnin' Rebels will be waiting in Kansas City next Tuesday at Sprint Center.

This is your post-game thread.  Get your venting out now.