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K-State Slate: 12.17.10




It's coming.  Austin Meek gives us a little appetizer with today's "Frank Martin's Miami."  The meal will be tomorrow and Sunday at the TCJ.

We completed our Big 12 basketball fantasy draft last night.  It only took 250+ comments.  The rosters are listed here.

I jumped to conclusions the other day.  Tulsa athletic director Bubba Cunningham is not, in fact, going to be KU's new AD.  Apparently the lure and glamour of the big city kept him in Tulsa.

In other news from down the river, Mario Little hates women.  OK, that's not true, but he did allegedly batter a couple of them, including one who was a former equipment manager for the KU basketball team.  With the Michael Dixon suspension at Missouri on Wednesday and the Little situation down the river yesterday, I'm a little nervous about what today may hold in Manhattan.  Thus, I plead to all K-State athletes: stay in your homes today.  Just sit around and watch TV.  Don't go outside.  Don't talk to people on the phone.  The more you can do to avoid confrontational situations today, the better.  We don't want to catch whatever bug was going around in Columbia and Lawrence the last couple days.

This was discussed last night on the podcast, which will be posted shortly, but here are a few links.  The Iowa blog, Black Heart Gold Pants, linked to our thread proposing names for the Big 10 divisions, among other conferences.  As you can tell by the comments, they (mostly) thought it was pretty funny.  Their reaction stands in sharp contrast to that of Michigan blog MGoBlog, who believe you have to be historically good at football to make sport of asinine division names.  Sort of like those athletes who believe you have to be as good as them to criticize what they do.