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BOTC Big 12 Fantasy Basketball Rosters

Well, the four of us (TB, Pan, BC, KSB) finished up our fantasy draft early. Each of us drafted 5 starters, of which there had to be at least 2 Gs and 2 Fs. The other position could be filled by a G, F, or C. A sixth player was drafted, who had to be an underclassmen (read: not a senior). As the conference season approaches, I will write up a post further explaining the rules, so that everyone can understand the standings when I post them during the season. After the jump, you will find the rosters for each of us. It should be noted that we have not yet declared our five starters, but that will be done some time before league play begins.


Jordan Hamilton, 6'7", So., G/F, Texas
(#1 overall)

Cory Higgins, 6'5", Sr., G, Colorado

Perry Jones III, 6'11", Fr., F, Baylor

Tristan Thompson, 6'8", Fr., F, Texas

Scott Christopherson, 6'3", Jr. G, Iowa State

Laurence Bowers, 6'8", Jr., F, Missouri
(BOTC's "Mr. Irrelevant)



Alec Burks, 6'6", So., G, Colorado

Diante Garrett, 6'4", Sr., G, Iowa State

Marcus Denmon, 6'3", Jr., G, Missouri

Ricardo Ratliffe, 6'8", Jr., F, Missouri

Curtis Kelly, 6'8", Sr., F, Kansas State

Melvin Ejim, 6'6", Fr., F, Iowa State



Jacob Pullen, 6'0", Sr., G, Kansas State

Marshall Moses, 6'6", Sr. F, Oklahoma State

Markieff Morris, 6'10", Jr., C, Kansas

Khris Middleton, 6'7", So., F, Texas A&M

Josh Selby, 6'2", Fr., G, Kansas

Jamar Samuels, 6'7", Jr., F, Kansas State

K. Scott Bailey

Marcus Morris, 6'9", Jr., F, Kansas

Quincy Acy, 6'7", Jr., F, Baylor

LaceDarius Dunn, 6'4", Sr., G, Baylor

Tyshawn Taylor, 6'3", Jr., G, Kansas

Keiton Page, 5'9", Jr., G, Oklahoma State

Rodney McGruder, 6'4", So., G, Kansas State