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The Name Game: Propose Names for the Big 10's Divisions

In the style of Rock M Nation's caption contests, let's have some fun here.  Today, the Big 10 announced that its new divisions would be called the "Leaders" and "Legends."  Judging by Twitter and this site, most have found those to be a little silly (or a lot silly).

So instead of being part of the problem, let's be part of the solution.  Post your ideas for what the Big 10 should have used in the comments.  For extra credit, propose new names for the Big 12's bland (and no-longer-used) "North" and "South," and if you really want to be teacher's pet, propose new names for the SEC's unimaginative "East" and "West" and give the Pac-10 ideas, too.

Rec your favorites.  Winner gets...well, nothing tangible, sorry.  But your comment will turn green if three or more people Rec it!