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K-State Slate: 11.8.10

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No celebration yet for achieving bowl eligibility.  Six wins still leaves open the possibility that K-State is left out of the bowl picture, but with Colorado and North Texas still on the schedule, the odds of getting to eight wins are a lot higher than remaining at only six.

Collin Klein was the spark for K-State's offense on Saturday.

It was a wild Saturday in the Big 12, and K-State's game was as wild as it gets.

Game report card and notes here.

Thanks to jonfmorse for posting this.  K-State is back in the BCS top 25.


K-State rolled Washburn on Sunday, 90-44.  Rodney McGruder found his shooting touch and led the way with 18 points.


As first mentioned by Catbacker98, Judge Stutzman denied the motions for summary judgment of both K-State and Ron Prince.  Nothing other than settlement stands in the way of trial at this point.

Curtis Kitchen is blogging again, with KC Confidential.  This weekend, he attempted to get some information about the new TV network created by the University of Texas, and was more or less rebuffed by the Big 12.