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Wildcats finish exhibitions with a drubbing of Washburn

I don't like the college basketball exhibition season much. I fail to see what is gained by decimating a much smaller program, that couldn't be gained from simply holding a purple and white scrimmage. In fact, the competition level of such a scrimmage would be significantly higher than that faced during most (maybe all?) of the exhibition games that Division 1 schools play. With that said, I'm sure that there is some logic behind playing such meaningless games, right? Right?

Oh, and to payoff the headline, the Kansas State Wildcats did manage to squeak by Washburn, 90-44, to close the exhibition portion of the season at 2-0. If anyone can make a case for these two games as accomplishing anything more than could have been accomplished by an intrasquad scrimmage, please do so in the comments, and with your votes in the poll.