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K-State Slate: 11.3.10

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I believe this was posted yesterday, but Cory Adams is a pretty good long-snapper.  He blames himself for an illegal snap in the Oklahoma State game, which if it actually was his fault, would be the first mistake of his career.  I've already made a mistake today.

Haskin has his musings at the midweek.


K-State beat Newman, 83-56, in an exhibition game last night.  It may or may not be a good sign that they won by 27 and looked pretty bad in doing so.

I missed this one yesterday before it was posted in the comments.  K-State is ready to put the loss to Butler behind them.


Don't miss RPT's response on RMN to a poster by the name of Huskerdaddy-O.

Mike DeArmond: preacher.

Finally, this comes to you from the "almost impossible to believe" department.  Nick Bell, a defensive end at Mississippi State, died of cancer yesterday, just a little more than a month after starting a couple games earlier this season for the Bulldogs.  That's right, he began the season as a starter, and died before December, at age 20.  Our prayers to his family, friends and teammates.