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K-State Slate: 11.23.10

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K-State hammered Gonzaga, 81-64, in the CBE semifinals last night in Kansas City.  Frank Martin and the Wildcats will take on No. 1 Duke tonight at Sprint Center.

The bench played a big role in K-State's victory over Gonzaga.


Yeah, run defense has been a bit of a problem for K-State this year.  Blake Slaughter's quote really sheds a lot of light on the problem.

"Looking at the film, it looked like we need to disrupt plays more instead of just fitting where we're supposed to be," linebacker Blake Slaughter said.

Curtis Kitchen isn't seeing much progress in this year's (probable) 7-5 campaign.  I'll have a full post on this later this week or after the North Texas game.

Other (or, the continuing saga of the Flying Pelini Brothers)

Bo Pelini claims that his brother, Carl, was trying to get to a Nebraska player and get him out of the crowd when he broke a journalist's camera.  As The Wiz of Odds points out, that is, to put it bluntly, a bunch of BS.  This link has more pictures of the incident.

Don't miss this epic Rock M Nation thread on the Nebraska conspiracy.