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K-State Slate: 11.22.10

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What a weekend, huh?


K-State lost, 44-36, to Colorado over the weekend.  I'll be honest, I stopped watching when it got to 30-14, so I missed the Carson Coffman show in the second half.


Gonzaga is the opponent tonight at Sprint Center in the CBE.  Tipoff is at 8:30 p.m.  If the Cats win, they will likely play Duke in the finals on Tuesday night.

Former K-State coach Tex Winter was inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame on Sunday.  Kevin Haskin writes about how some early work as a carpenter contributed to Winter's triangle offense.  J. Brady McCollough has a moving feature about how basketball is Winter's window to the world since he suffered a stroke.

Other (aka, the "Nebraska is losing its collective mind" section)

The Flying Pelini Brothers returned to the Nebraska sideline this weekend in College Station.

Taylor Martinez did not quit the team at Nebraska, despite rampant speculation to the contrary last night.

If we thought the conspiracy theories were bad after the Texas game, Nebraska fans are really convinced that the world is out to get them now.  Also, pardon us K-State fans if we shed no tears for Ben Cotton, considering we were universally told by Nebraska fans that Chad May was a whiny crybaby because he said Nebraska players grabbed his junk in 1994.  /justdefendedchadmay /notsurehowifeelaboutthat

Sam Mellinger has a good column on Frank Martin, showing why Frank's players love him despite all the yelling.