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K-State Slate: 11.18.10




Jamar Samuels is back, and that's nothing but good news.

K-State's women's basketball team beat Indiana State, 64-48, on Wednesday night at Bramlage.

We may be deprived of the most awkward moment possible on the most awkward senior day ever.  Dan Hawkins may not walk on the field with his son Cody Hawkins at Folsom Field.

Leave it to Nebraska fans to put a glaring typo in a shirt that is, I guess, supposed to be a dig at the schools they're leaving behind.

As a followup to last week's post about why the Cam Newton investigation is evidence of everything that's wrong with the NCAA, SB Nation's Andrew Sharp proposes a solution to the problem.  I don't have my own solution, but I'm leery of a solution that assumes that individual school revenues increase just based on winning.  Inherent limitations -- i.e., size of TV markets -- restrict the number of times some schools will be chosen for money-making TV broadcasts.