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K-State 73, Virginia Tech 57

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K-State didn't waste any time jumping into the meat of its schedule with today's game against Virginia Tech.  With Curtis Kelly out and Jacob Pullen limited due to foul trouble, Wildcat fans had reason to worry about the outcome.  But K-State, behind impressive performances from Will Spradling (solid minutes spelling Pullen), Jordan Henriquez-Roberts (10 points, eight rebounds) and Rodney McGruder (13 points, nine rebounds), dropped the No. 24 Hokies, 73-57.

One thing that has been talked about a lot already in this young season is free throws.  K-State was 14-28 from the line today, so I shouldn't have to calculate the percentage for you.  On the other hand, Virginia Tech was 14-21.  In the James Madison game, K-State was 17-32 from the charity stripe, while the Dukes made 15-24.  So in two games, the Wildcats are 31-60 shooting free throws, whereas their opponents are 29-45.  Added up, K-State has outscored its opponents from the free throw line, albeit only by two.  I'd like to see K-State make more free throws, too, but if you're not going to make very many, at least make sure you attempt more than the other guys.

But let's not focus too much on the negatives.  K-State just beat a top-25 team, picked to finish second in the ACC, by 16.  The Wildcats are 2-0 heading into Thursday's matchup with Presbyterian.  Next week, the CBE and matchups with Gonzage and either Duke or Marquette loom.