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K-State Slate: 11.16.10

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Don't forget, your Kansas State Wildcats take on Virginia Tech at 3 p.m. CST today.  ESPN will have the broadcast from the Octagon.  Austin Meek has the preview.

This weekend, K-State faces a Colorado team that may be on the rise under interim coach Brian Cabral (great name).  The Buffaloes smacked around Iowa State last weekend in their first game of the post-Dan Hawkins era.

After each Missouri game, Bill C. posts a diary of the weekend.  Check out this one for Unholy Alliance photos and vivid descriptions of my reactions to certain parts of the game.

If you've been following the Cam Newton saga, don't miss this well-written piece by SB Nation writer Andrew Sharp.  While I agree with some in the comments that there are no solutions offered, it's a terrific diagnostic of the hypocrisy that pervades college athletics.

Bo Pelini thought the crowd was "dead" at Memorial Stadium on Saturday.  Jesus, you can't make this guy happy.  A month ago, Nebraska was all concerned that they couldn't win at home after the loss to Texas.  Now Pelini is unhappy because the crowd was "dead" during a mind-numbingly boring game against the worst team in the Big 12.  Probably didn't help that they booed him when Pelini tried to run up the score on Turner Gill's KU squad late in the game.