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K-State Slate: 11.15.10

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Don't miss tonyg's recap of the Missouri game.

If you missed them last week, check out RPT's video breakdown series (three separate posts there) of K-State's QB running game with Collin Klein.

K-State fumbled thrice against Mizzou, and each one was extremely costly.

Bill Snyder and the offensive coaching staff played a game of twister with their quarterbacks on Saturday.

Curtis Kitchen asks where Curtis Kelly is hiding.  Good question.  He better find himself soon, too, because K-State is going to need him.  With Virginia Tech looming tomorrow, Kelly's status is still uncertain.

Sorry, Kevin, but adding a school to the Big 12 isn't primarily about how good they are at playing football.  It's about how much TV value they bring.  The Pac-10 is going to rudely find out that CU and Utah aren't game-changers with their TV value.  Adding TCU would be a financial windfall for the Horned Frogs at the expense of everyone else.  TCU brings zero national following and only a small fraction of a metro area that is already easily covered by teams already in the Big 12.  I can only think of about three schools that I would want added to the Big 12 (assuming they're available), barring the direst of situations (further realignment) coming into play, and those three schools are Notre Dame, BYU and Arkansas.  Wow, two parentheticals in one sentence?  Time for this post to end.