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The Unholy Alliance Podcast

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In the first of what may become a regular series, we introduce you to the Unholy Alliance Podcast. We've tried to make it a habit of getting some good interaction with Rock M Nation every year before football games, basketball games, or both. Big thanks to RPT from Rock M for joining us, and to Bill C. for his tips on how to post this thing (and as an aside, check out his Beyond the Box Score preview of Saturday's game).

This podcast features TB, Panjandrum and RPT, an intro and outro from our man Lee F. Greenwood in honor of Veteran's Day, and in the middle a lot of TB rambling about nothing in particular, asking really long and confusing questions, and some awkward pauses as everyone tries to figure out whether I'm really done talking or just about to jump in again. In short, it's 43 minutes of the best podcasting you'll hear in your life.

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