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BOTC's Big 12 Fantasy College Basketball League

We here at BOTC have decided to play some Big 12 fantasy basketball. The participants are KSB, Bracket Cat, Panjandrum, and TB. We will draft a total of 6 players, including 5 "starters": 2 forwards, 2 guards, and either a forward, guard, or center. The sixth spot can be any position, but it MUST be filled by an underclassman. The sixth player can ONLY be activated if one of the top 5 go down to injury. In such a case, the owner of said player can also choose to replace the injured player with a player who went undrafted initially.

To simplify things, we are only going to count statistics earned in actual league games. This levels the playing field, as each drafted player will have played the exact same number of games. The statistical categories used will be points, offensive rebounds, and assists on the offensive side, and steals, blocks, and defensive rebounds on the defensive side. Negative stats will be turnovers and fouls. Each offensive, defensive, and negative stat will produce a ranking of 1 through 4 for the fantasy owner, depending upon where their set of players ranks overall on that given statistic. These scores will be averaged, with lower scores being better.

The draft will be held publicly, in a thread similar to this one, some time in early-to-mid December. I will give a detailed explanation of how the draft will work at that time. For now, let's discuss in the comments section, who should be the first pick, what teams will surprise with how many drafted players they provide our little fantasy league, and whatever else this idea might cause to pop into your head. Also, per my usual affinity for polls, please vote in the poll below.