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K-State Slate: 11.1.10

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A couple housekeeping notes.  Don't miss tonyg8803's game recap below.  Feel free to use that as your postgame reaction post, as he has a good summary and take on what happened Saturday.  I was out of pocket all weekend and haven't had a chance to watch the game replay, so any opinion I could offer would be completely uninformed.

Also, our apologies for not getting the game thread up on time.  I was rushing around Friday night and early Saturday morning to get out of town and didn't have time to get one set up.  Panjandrum jumped in and saved me by at least getting one posted.  Great job with the thread, too, with more than 700 comments.

Finally, we apologize for missing FanPosts and FanShots that should be promoted.  I know BracketCat did not intentionally ignore Catbacker98's FanShot on the $5 million donation that was announced at the game.  I've done that before, too, and I always feel bad that I missed promoting someone when they beat me to it.

Now, all that said, we're going to have to do community links today because I'm not caught up from the weekend yet.  Go ahead and post whatever you see that's relevant to the Cats, the Big 12, or college football or basketball in general.  And even though nobody is giving up on football at this point, don't forget that Frank and Company take to the hardwood tomorrow night for the first time this season.