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NOMINATION THREAD: Who is K-State's All-Time Greatest Running Back?

I'm getting ready to create a poll for BOTCers to decide who we think is K-State's all-time greatest running back. There are a few names I could throw out there, but I know I will forget someone. That's why I've decided to make a nomination thread before creating the actual poll. From the comments here (and my own ideas as well) I will cull a list of between 4 and 10 running backs for us to vote on. The number will depend largely on the cases that can be made for each as the "greatest."

One thing I should note is that "greatest" does not always mean "most yardage." Does there need to be a baseline of production? Sure. But, for example, in a discussion of the greatest NFL running backs of all-time, I think that a great case can be made for Jim Brown over Walter Payton, and for Payton over Barry Sanders, and for Sanders over Emmitt Smith. Yet Smith's raw numbers say he is the greatest. So, with those caveats, fire away! I'm looking forward to seeing the nominations, and the rationales behind them, in the comments.

I will get the ball rolling with one, not-as-obvious nomination:

Nomination: Eric Gallon (1989-92)
Rationale: One of only 7 (I think) RBs in KSU history to surpass 1,000 yards in a season, Gallon played just before the "Decade of Dominance", which is why he is often overlooked. Running behind far less athletic and powerful lines, Gallon was a major contributor to the first phases of the turnaround initiated by Coach Snyder.

Final note: Remember to actually make a case for your nominee, instead of just tossing a name out there. I think this should be a lot of fun!