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K-State's Top 5 Quarterbacks of All-Time: The Results Are Official!

Finally, after two separate polls: the first one to determine the greatest quarterback in KSU history, and the second one to sort out numbers 2 through 5, the results are in. The first poll (which included nine quarterbacks) went overwhelmingly in favor of Michael Bishop (1997-1998). He garnered 52.7% of the vote (178 votes) from 338 BOTC members. The next highest vote-getter received only 14.8%, or 50 votes. As the vote was so close between numbers 2 through 5, the second poll became necessary. In that second poll, 115 BOTC members voted, and made their selection for numbers 2 and 3 very clear. Numbers 4 and 5 were a lot closer (tied, in fact, in this poll), so to separate the two, I used the first poll results as a tie-breaker. After the jump, numbers 2 through 5.

(1) Michael Bishop

The absolute number one according to BOTC fans. While supporters of Lynn Dickey made solid cases, the numbers must rule, as far as the results of this poll go.

(2) Ell Roberson III (2001-2003)

After finishing the first poll with only 1 vote more than Dickey, the BOTC voters made it clear that ER3 was their choice as the second-greatest QB in KSU history. It's not a choice I agree with (I went with Dickey here), but the vote wasn't even that close, at 50% to 31% for Roberson.

(3) Lynn Dickey (1967-1970)

As with Roberson, Dickey was the clear #3 choice, over the two tied for #4 and #5. Many of our older fanbase made very convincing arguments for Dickey (heck, they convinced me!), but it wasn't enough to sway the vote to him over Roberson.

(4) Josh Freeman (2006-2008)

In the second poll, Freeman and the #5 QB were dead even at 9 votes each (around 7% of the total cast). However, because Freeman had the edge in the first poll (by only one vote, but an edge nonetheless), he gets the #4 spot.

(5) Jonathan Beasley (1999-2000)

Beasley was clear of Steve Grogan by 6 votes (9 to 3) in the second poll, after only edging him by one vote (19 to 18) in the first poll.

Steve Grogan ends up being 6th, and the "odd man out" of our top 5. While the results of the first poll showed him neck-and-neck with Freeman and Beasley (20-19-18), the results of the second poll are clear. It probably makes purists and our beloved old-timers cringe, but you can't argue with the numbers! Well, I guess you can, which is what makes comment sections so much fun!