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Epilogue: KSU vs. KU (In regards to "The Gridiron, episode 6"

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I just had to share this with all of you.  Granted, I will give KU props for the nice video series.  It's a great idea that would probably be better executed if they were following an actual football team, but I digress.

Quick highlights to discern from this laugh fest:

1) Turner Gill repeats himself.  A lot. 

2) Turner Gill repeats himself.  A lot.

3) Apparently, the game was "Thursday Night RAW"...

4) John Hadl's motivational speech...I'll leave it at that.

5) Apparently, KU isn't very good at blocking, tackling, catching, and throwing.  If they get better at these advanced concepts, they'll improve as a football team.

6) There wasn't one single mention of a score in this game.  Understandable, but the narration made it seem like they were this close..."In the end, K-State walks away with the victory."  Yes, K-State walked away with the victory.  And your pride, your dignity, your cell phones, and your women (Since the game ended after 10 PM, they were lonely and looking for companionship...).

7) It took an entire game's worth of highlights to put together what looked like one cohesive, impressive scoring drive.  Hell, it may have been seven points, but dammit, it was the most meaningful and poetic seven points you'll ever see.  On a side note, they couldn't fit all of Kansas State's touchdowns into the clip or it probably would have been well over twenty minutes.

So, if you've got 15 minutes, enjoy.  I couldn't come up with bullshit this good if I tried.  They get their "Turd Polishing" badge with room to spare.


The Gridiron - Week 6 from Kansas Jayhawks on Vimeo.