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K-State Slate: 10.19.10




I should be accustomed to Tuesday's being atrociously slow news days by now...

It's true that Baylor is no longer the "Bad News Bears," but they won't be coming into Manhattan this weekend.  I feel bad for whomever made that mistake on the TCJ's site.

Yet another misinformed national pundit.  Somehow, K-State's 5-1 record is a "product of its schedule," failing to take into account that UCLA and UCF are pretty good.  Yeah, I'm sure if we had played Ohio State, Oregon and LSU we'd have a worse record, but the schedule has been at least as difficult as the average in the country.  And are we going to be favored against Texas, Oklahoma State and Missouri?  No, but how many teams will be?  Not many.  To borrow an acronym from Twitter, SMH.

It's not surprising that Husker fans gave low grades to their team for the performance against Texas.  It's also not surprising that they would take the opportunity to tell fans of another team what bad fans they are.  If only we could all live up to the Nebraska Ideal.