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K-State Slate: 10.15.10




That was fun.

Postgame Reaction will be ready later today.  Needless to say, it will be much more fun to write this one than it was last week's.

Coffman, Cats club KU: No matter your thoughts on Carson Coffman, give him his due.  He played one helluva game last night against our in-state rival.

Lack of interest surprises fans: It shouldn't.  There were several dynamics at play here.  First of all, the tickets cost $90.  I'm all for tactics to keep opposing fans out of your stadium, or at least make money off them in the process, but $90 in the great State of Kansas is a lot of money.  I remember the sticker shock people got when they heard how much a round of golf at Colbert Hills cost when it opened.  On top of that, neither team is all that great, and KU is just downright terrible.  There just wasn't anything other than bragging rights at stake, and with the game on TV, it provided a convenient excuse to stay away.  A $90 price tag will chase away a lot of the home fans, whereas the $90 price coupled with the guaranteed abuse at the stadium and the travel kept away a lot of the visitors.

K-State defense rebounds: Yes, they did, but damn I wanted that shutout.

Grade card and notebook: This is an honors student's card.

Snyder's belief in Coffman produces big win: I'm not one of those guys who likes to say "just trust the coach."  But in this case, as in many other cases, Bill Snyder made the absolute right call by showing his confidence in Coffman this week.  KU is just a really, really bad football team, and while Coffman isn't a huge playmaker, he's more than good enough to beat a team like that.  Going with Collin Klein or Sammuel Lamur would have invited the possibility of beating ourselves.  That was the only way we could have lost that game.

Wildcats relish rout: This quote from Bill Snyder says it all.

"But it didn’t take me too long (during first coaching stint at KSU before three-year hiatus) to understand the value of this particular ballgame for Kansas State people and University of Kansas people as well.