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Waxing Shakespearean on 59 to 7

Daniel Thomas wreaks some "havoc" on Olaitan Oguntodu of the Kansas Jayhawks, and then "slips" past him.
Daniel Thomas wreaks some "havoc" on Olaitan Oguntodu of the Kansas Jayhawks, and then "slips" past him.

That was devastation on a scale we haven't seen in the battle for the Governor's Cup in quite some time. I sat at my brother's house (where we watched all the glorious carnage on his huge flatscreen television) for a good 20 minutes, just reveling in it. For good measure, we pulled up , to get ourselves even more excited than we already were. How cool is that quote from Pres. Wefald, "If Bill Snyder says he's ready to do this, is there any doubt?" Anyways, after I left his house, Shakespeare's quote, "Cry havoc! and release the dogs of war!" kept coming back into my head. I tried to sit down and compose a rational, thoughtful post, analyzing the whys and wherefores of the game. I couldn't do it. So, I decided to paraphrase the Cry havoc! quote, in honor of tonight's massacre.

Blood and destruction were so in use

And dreadful drubbings so familiar

That mothers but smiled when they beheld

Their college boys quarter'd with the hands of Snyder;

Our Old Man, raging for revenge,

With DT by his side come hot from hell,

In Ol' Memorial, with a monarch's voice

Cried 'Havoc!" and let slip the dogs of war;

And this foul deed shall smell above the earth

With Gill and his boys, groaning for burial.

--Loosely paraphrased from Marcus Antonius, in Julius Caesar.

I know we may have a ways to go before we see the glory of 1991-2003 reemerge. But, as I watched the sheer scale of the destruction unfold, I couldn't help but begin to hope. I mean, hot damn! Wouldn't it be a freaking BLAST to run through the rest of our schedule like we used to several years back, and finish 10-2 or 11-1? But then, the camera swept to the KSU sideline, landing on Carson Coffman. I love the guy -- tough as nails, for sure -- but we ain't winning out with a tough QB, who fights like hell, but probably runs a 5-flat forty, if that. Don't get me wrong, I respect the guy a lot. He's a junkyard dog of a player -- the kind of guy you'd want in your foxhole. But I just don't think he's the kind of guy who gets you 5 more wins in the next 6 games. Two? For sure. Three? Maybe. Four. Highly unlikely. Five or six? No way. So, I set my sights on 2011. Looking at what we've got returning, and the recruits Coach Snyder has already landed (#39 nationally, I believe), I'm thinking the Glory days, when the dogs of war were let slip far more frequently, to the tune of 10 and 11 wins every year, may be returning sooner than we think. What do you guys think? When do those days return? Am I being overly-optimistic? Or not optimistic enough? Or maybe you think that those days will never return. Whatever your view, vote below, and let's talk about it in the comments.

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