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K-State Slate: 10.12.10




After hearing over the weekend that we would see the QB competition opened up, Bill Snyder reversed course yesterday at his media conference and said Carson Coffman will be the starter against KU.  Commence meltdown.

K-State's strength coach, Chris Dawson, used to be the strength coach at KU.  This is a story about him.

Kevin Haskin goes around the Big 12, with a particular focus on everybody's game of the week.  Well, everybody other than K-State and KU fans, that is.

Why yes, writers for The Dagger, having direct airline service from Dallas and Chicago is quite beneficial to our recruiting efforts.

Frank Martin will be at the Coaches vs. Cancer Season Tipoff tonight in Kansas City.  You can buy tickets here, and the proceeds to go cancer research.

Even though this has nothing to do with K-State football, it's well worth your time.  Rock M Nation's Bill Connelly had a press pass for Saturday's Missouri/Colorado game, and kept a diary of his day.  Interesting look at a football weekend from a different perspective.

In case you hadn't seen this, Virginia Tech OL Greg Nosal got his pinky stuck in a defender's facemask, which TORE THE TIP OF HIS PINKY OFF.  That would be incredible enough, but HE STAYED IN THE GAME.  Yes, the capitals are quite intentional, because I can't bang my finger against something without suffering some level of pain, and he continued to play in a football game after the tip of his pinky was torn off.