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POWER 16: Jan. 21 Edition

Just so ya know, this isn't late. SBNation changed the release date for the Power 16 to Friday, which means I didn't have to complete my ballot until this morning.

Good thing, too, because there were a few changes from last night's games.

Follow the jump to see who lost and how it affected my ballot.

  1. Kentucky Wildcats (+1)
  2. Texas Longhorns (-1)
  3. Kansas Jayhawks
  4. Syracuse Orange (+1)
  5. Villanova Wildcats (+1)
  6. BYU Cougars (+1)
  7. Kansas St. Wildcats (+3)
  8. Tennessee Volunteers (+3)
  9. Northern Iowa Panthers (NR)
  10. Duke Blue Devils (-2)
  11. West Virginia Mountaineers (-2)
  12. Michigan St. Spartans (+3)
  13. Purdue Boilermakers (-9)
  14. Pittsburgh Panthers (-1)
  15. Georgetown Hoyas (-3)
  16. Gonzaga Bulldogs (NR)

I still think Texas is a better overall team than Kansas, so I didn't penalize the Longhorns much for losing to the now-No. 7 team on this ballot.

Some will question my inclusion of Northern Iowa anywhere on this ballot, considering its loss to Wichita State the other night.

But the Panthers only have lost two games, and the first of those was way back in November. They possess the only non-conference road win over a Big 12 team. They've beaten everyone else, including all other league opponents, soundly. I think they're good enough to be a Sweet 16 team.

And this just in — the Shockers are a damn solid team themselves, and undefeated at Koch Arena, too. I refuse to penalize UNI for being in a mid-major conference, which is the only reason they started unranked and entered the polls late.

Duke and West Virginia both slid for losses in the last week, and Purdue nosedived because it's been a week and half since I last did this — and the Boilermakers just fell apart shortly after that.

By the way, I am aware that Georgetown beat Pittsburgh, but the Hoyas have three losses and you might notice I'm not rating the Big East teams quite as highly as the national pollsters. I think they're appropriately ranked for now.