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K-State Slate, 9/9/09


Click the jump for K-State sports news and notes.

First, a quick personal note.  Yesterday, I found out that I passed the Missouri bar exam.  I'll be available at a football game later this year so that you can throw tomatoes at me, and in the meantime you can send your condolences to other Show-Me Staters over at Rock M Nation.


Kevin Haskin, Topeka Capital Journal -- One in power for K-State: The traditional mid-week musings column is up.  As for the comment about Nebraska's annual donation to academics, I'll just say that it must be nice to have a state where there's nothing better to do and only one FBS football program in the state.

Austin Meek, TCJ -- Special teams key for Cats: In one of the most upbeat comments I've ever heard from Bill Snyder, he said the special-teams problems we saw on Saturday are "easily correctable."  I happen to agree, but that's positively a ray of sunshine.

Austin Meek, TCJ -- KSU notes: Bank a target?: In this edition, whether UMass did anything special to cover Brandon Banks, both the offense and the defense fell woefully short of achieving their game goals, and a big decision for Sammuel Lamur.

Curtis Kitchen, 810 WHB -- Records suggest Iowa State better than OU?: Kitchen, with a tongue-in-cheek headline, has some observations from the first weekend of college football, Royals baseball, and the Chiefs.


AP, TCJ -- Riley thinks Beaz will play: Pat Riley expects to see Michael Beasley on the basketball court this year.  I hope so, but I hope he gets his personal issues taken care of first and foremost.

The Fourum

OK, folks, we've all heard the Beth Personhall one now.  Come up with something new.

Hey, this is to the Collegian: That power outage was scheduled. Maybe you guys should check around before you go around posting crazy stories.

Thank God for white T-shirts and surprise rain showers.

I got a stiffy for Diffy. Diff-EQ, that is.