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A Primer on Sammuel Lamur...

Some of you may have heard of walk-on quarterback, Sammuel Lamur, on a couple of radio talk shows, message boards, or in a blog post by Austin Meek.  The twin brother of camp standout, Emmanuel Lamur, Sammuel comes to Kansas State as JUCO transfer with three years to play two seasons (3x2).  Lightly recruited out of high school, Lamur would have gone to UCF had he received a qualifying score on his SAT.  However, since he didn't, he found his way to Independence Community College.

During his only season at Independence, Lamur saw action in seven games, went 18-44 (41%), threw for twelve touchdowns, and passed for a total of 206 yards.  According to the statistics, he appeared to be the backup quarterback on the roster.  According to Lamur (via an interview with Meek), at that time, he was receiving interest from Arkansas and Arizona State.  But, for reasons unknown, he didn't finish his JUCO career as a Pirate.  Lamur transferred to Joliet Junior College where, again, he was the backup quarterback.  During his sophomore season, he was 25-58 (43%) with one passing touchdown.

During this offseason, Sammuel came to Kansas State with his brother.  He wasn't a December graduate, so he missed Spring Ball.  Also, he finished up his degree requirements on August 3rd, so he missed nearly all of the summer conditioning program.

So, how exactly does a walk-on QB, a career JUCO backup and late arrival, get so much pub?  Especially in the midst of the most heated preseason quarterback battle in nearly five years (where he was nothing more than an afterthought)?  He doesn't even have an official biography page on the roster yet, but according to some media sources, the coaches are having a hard time justifying giving him a redshirt because he could potentially get playing time now.

Truthfully, I don't have the slightest idea how this makes sense or an answer to either question.  The only thing that I can dig up on this guy are rudimentary statistics and a couple of YouTube videos.  Watch them for yourself and decide if this is simply a great hoax or an actual possibility, but consider yourself informed - Sammuel Lamur is the new Kansas State message board phenomenon, and you at least have a high level knowledge of who he is.

Videos are after the jump.

sammuel lamur (via darealestqbalive)

Sammuel Lamur #14 JJC (via deuces2wild07)