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K-State Slate, 9/4/09





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And, don't forget, tomorrow is GAMEDAY.


  • Austin Meek - One good day
    Meek throws down a little prose in a column about what happens after the "Family Reunion" on Saturday, and what it could mean for the Kansas State program.
  • Austin Meek - New challenges await Snyder
    This is a really, really good article with some interesting perspective and quotes from legendary coaches John Robinson and Johnny Majors. There are a lot folks who point to these two examples of legendary coaches coming back and not experiencing the same level of success. Meek actually did the legwork and got the interviews and reasons why it didn't happen. It's like something Malcom Gladwell would do. Kudos, Austin.
  • Austin Meek - Currie ready for reunion
    "I thought for a while it would never get here," Currie said. "Like a lot of our fans, you're waiting for it and waiting for it and waiting for it. I'm really excited. I'm excited for our student-athletes. These kids have been through a lot over the last couple years."
    Amen, John. Amen.
  • Kevin Haskin - No choice but to get tough
    "We're going to hit something every day. You're going to be tired," senior defensive end Eric Childs said. "(Snyder) told us we were going to hit and we were going to get tired. But that makes you better."
  • Austin Meek has a Q&A with Camp Phenom, Sammuel Lamur
    For those of you who keep track of the rumors and rumblings, Sammuel Lamur is not a new name. However, the walk-on twin brother of starting safety, Emmanuel Lamur, has apparently been turning heads in practice and may factor into the QB race as soon as this year.
  • Less than 1,000 Tickets Remain for Saturday
    Come on, folks. Let's sell this game out. I'm so excited, I'm even going into the stadium early and subjecting myself to the "Wildcat March" to see this shit.
  • Ranking the Big 12's special teams - Big 12 - ESPN
    I'm sorry, Tim, but Bill Snyder cared about special teams long before Ron ever found himself wandering around the "Business Management" section at Borders.
    4. Kansas State:I’m basing this as much on past success as anything else -- Ron Prince’s team blocked four punts for touchdowns last season. Brandon Banks is a threat to break a big return on every play and he’ll be doubling as a kick and punt returner this season. Even with Bill Snyder taking over, I’m still thinking this will be a productive unit as they break in new kicker Josh Cherry and new punter Ryan Doerr.


Women's Basketball





There were a very eclectic mix of responses today. Apparently, Beth Mendenhall said something stupid again.

I am Batman.
I'm going to write a letter to Manwich insisting that they change their product name to Personwich.
I will definitely go to great lengths to get the slut-muffin's number.

And, because it's game week, we'll throw in a bonus

We better not lose to UMass because their mascot alone is just a huge punch line. They're the Minutemen.