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K-State Slate, 9/30/09



Kevin Haskin, Topeka Capital-Journal -- Stick around, KU fans: It's the midweek musings column and, aside from taking a swipe at KU fans, Haskin notes that Michael Bishop should be in the K-State ring of honor.  Agreed.

Austin Meek, TCJ -- Cats return to Arrowhead: It's not the Rose Bowl, but to local kids, playing in Arrowhead is a big deal.  I liked this quote from Snyder at the end:

"It's crazy," Snyder said. "Crazy. I have absolutely no idea how we got where we are. I'm not sure why we were in Los Angeles, why we were in Louisiana."

You can thank the law firm of Krause Prince & Wefald for that one, Coach.


I couldn't remember if we've posted this or not, but from The Mercury, we get a look at Michael Beasley's lowest hour.  Let's hope it's nothing but upward from here.

Joe College

It seems this story had almost been forgotten, but just when you thought so, a federal judge in Topeka orders Larry Sinks to pay KU's attorney fees, to the tune of $660,000, in the matter.  Better get your "Muck Fizzou" shirts while you can, beakers.

The Fourum

Link.  Also, be sure to check in with the Fourum tomorrow, as the newest Beth Mendenhall column is out today.  It's about hens, I guess.

Mark Mangino was a mere 85 pounds when he made that deal with the devil.

I need to apologize to my psychology class. I have really bad gas, I'm sorry. That is all.

How many consecutive nights can my roommate's girlfriend stay over before I can start charging her rent?

I include this last one, because I believe we had this discussion often in college.