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K-State Slate, 9/3/09


Click the jump for K-State news and notes and...the return of the Fourum!


Barking Carnival — Blog — 2009 Kansas State Football Preview: State of the Union
Barking Carnival has their KSU Football State of the Union up. I'll be honest; it wasn't their best effort, but there are a couple of good one liners in there.

Big 12 predictions for this week - Big 12 - ESPN
Tim Griffin thinks KSU will win 31-14. Sure, why not? - Thomas to Make Debut as Starting Running Back
Cole Manbeck has an article about Kansas State's new star running back, Chuck Norris. Wait, wait..I mean Daniel Thomas. But they both have only two speeds: Walk and Kill. - Experience the Difference in QB Race
Joshua Kinder of the Mercury discusses what gave Coffman the leg up in this summer's tight QB race.

Snyder welcomes late arrivals |
Austin Meek discusses a couple of new arrivals to the program: David Garrett and Prizell Brown.

Snyder show back on air today |
The Bill Snyder Radio Show is back and debuts at 7 PM CST tonight on 32 stations across the K-State Sports Network. Check your local listings. Or, to make it easy on yourself, set the dial to where you normally listen to the game on the radio.


Volleyball -Wildcats win home opener
The #23 KSU Wildcats defeated UMKC in four sets to improve to 1-2 overall on the year.


The Fourum

As always, the kids bring the thunder...

I'm too sexy for my shirt ... too sexy for my pants ... woah woah woah, put that back on.

It is a well-known fact that KU beer pong involves Zima and Jolly Ranchers.
I like to poop in the library and make really loud sounds just to see if anyone outside can hear them.