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A little over thirteen months ago, word came that Kansas State agreed to a two year series with Iowa State where both teams would sacrifice a home game to play at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO.  I'm sure that after KU and MU had a financially successful game there, the folks that like to dream up ways to make money said, "Hey, why not put K-State and Iowa State in a game there?"  Of course, they would.  When you think of dynamic matchups that would necessitate the move to an 80,000 seat neutral site, you think the Wildcats and the Cyclones.

Err...okay, maybe not.

So, to add to the absurdity that is this neutral site contest, fans have started to affectionately name this series...



That's right.  Not only do the two worst teams in the conference get to face off against one another in a neutral site game, but they get to do it with an ironically hilarious nickname that probably isn't what the organizers of the game had in mind (or hoped for).  Of course, when you dream up something as stupid as trying to manufacture a rivalry between Iowa State and Kansas State, you leave yourself open to stuff like this.

At first, I was embarrassed by it.  I'm not embarrassed by our agricultural heritage, but by the fact that the game is so absurd that it invites mockery such as this.  However, as a man who feels he has a sense of humor, I've embraced it and feel we should go one step further...

Before the game, I think they should play nothing but country music.  Also, the more they can play John Denver the better.  At halftime, I think we should borrow some John Deere lawn tractors and have drag races down the center of the field, and after the game, everyone should walk out of there with a packet of seeds.  The more we can "country" this up, the better.

In fact, since I mentioned John Denver, I think the official theme of this game should be "Thank God I'm a Country Boy".  I can't think of anything more appropriate.  Man, can you imagine this playing as the players rush out onto the field?  It just gives me chills...


Hampster dance - Thank God Im A Country Boy (via LLuCidtr00per)