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K-State Slate, 9/28/09



Austin Meek, Topeka Capital-Journal -- 3 answers, K-State vs. TTU: For once, Meek got resoundingly affirmative answers to all his questions.

Rick Dean, TCJ -- Banks blots out the blemishes: Good to hear from Dean after this one, although he could have picked a more exciting game to cover.  Other than Brandon Banks' returns and the big TD reception, there wasn't really a ton of excitement in this game.

Meek, TCJ -- KSU grade card, notes: Nice to see some As and Bs on the report card.  In the notes, it's nice to see that Alex Hrebec was back at linebacker after not playing against UCLA.

Meek, TCJ -- Sunflower arms race?: After five cannons were employed at the Tennessee Tech game for Fort Riley Day, Meek is concerned that we may be engaged in the wrong kind of arms race with KU, who used a puny little 75 mm Howitzer last week.  I might recommend that KU not use that cannon when they play Mizzou, or we may have a reenactment of the Border War.


Cyclones storm past Wildcats: Even though Iowa State is pretty good, it's going to be a long season for Coach Fritz.

Big 12 News

Adam Winkler, KWTX -- Robert Griffin III out for season with knee injury: In case anyone doubted that he really is Superman, he tore his knee up in the first quarter, then played for the rest of the half.  Kind of ironic that I was mentioning yesterday in the Postgame Reaction post that Griffin had finally shown up and had a big game.

That KU Thing

Curtis Kitchen, 810 WHB -- KU fights give new meaning to lack of control: Leave it to Kitchen to find part of the story others were missing.  I won't spoil it here, go read the damn column already!

Jack Harry, NBC Action News -- Athletic discipline at KU is a joke: We're not the only ones who share that viewpoint.

The Fourum


Even KU hates KU.

You know that your life isn't going to amount to much when you have to bribe the editors to put your quotes in the Fourum.

Beth Mendenhall obviously wasn't breast-fed when she was a baby.