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K-State Slate, 9/25/09


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Austin Meek, Topeka Capital-Journal -- Cats controlling the clock: Meek digs up a stat that surprised me, as K-State leads the nation -- with relative ease -- in time of possession.  Ahh, if only TOP translated to points.

Meek, TCJ -- KSU notes: Browns take different paths: A little introduction to Tennessee Tech head coach Watson Brown, older brother of a certain Mack Brown, who was Ron Prince's red-headed step-brother for two years.

Big 12 power rankings: Meek agrees with us -- the Cats are last.

Cole Manbeck, Manhattan Mercury -- Defense making strides in 2009: Yes, the defense is better this year than it was last year, although that's not saying much.  It's going to take a few recruiting classes to get the talent level and depth back to what's necessary to be a factor in the conference.

Rock M Nation: Big 12 BTBS Box Scores (Week 3) -- The best statistical analysis on the Internet for this week's Big 12 games.

So K-State wins the field position battle, leverages UCLA into tons of Passing Downs, stays even on turnovers...and loses by 14.  Two main reasons:

1) UCLA had a 40% success rate on Passing Downs.  That's too high.  In all, K-State's defense performed relatively well--this is not an amazing UCLA offense by any means, but it wasn't the defense's fault that the offense was so inept in the passing game.  But UCLA found just enough success on Passing Downs that they were able to overcome a very poor leverage rate.

2) Kansas State can't pass.  I know I have an unhealthy love of all things Coffman, but I'm not too sure that Carson Coffman's the man for KSU.  When you're on the road against a (somewhat) superior opponent, and your defense is playing its behind off, you need to come through with something on Passing Downs or in the passing game in general, and KSU did not.

The Fourum

Didn't take long for the Fourum callers to jump on the KU brawl.

Isn't it great being a K-State fan? You don't have to make up anything about KU; all you have to do is wait for their next idiotic move.

To all the people on campus wearing KU stuff: Did you know that KU's ratio of NCAA "championships" to major NCAA violations is -2? Something to be proud of, I guess.

Beth Mendenhall: When you are an old lady and your bones break because you didn't drink enough milk, maybe then you'll think it is good for you.

So, if meat has hormones and milk does too, and vegetables have bacteria on them, what does Beth eat?