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K-State Slate, 9/24/09


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First, apologies for it being kind of a slow week.  All of us are either traveling or have been busy with work.  Our answers to this week's Big 12 Roundtable will be posted tonight, and I'll try to get something along the lines of a "Midweek QB" post ready for tomorrow morning.  So it will be "Late-Week QB" this week instead.


Joshua Kinder, Manhattan Mercury -- Snyder sticking with struggling Cherry: I hope whatever confidence problems Josh Cherry is having get sorted out quickly.  This team can't afford to be missing makeable field goals every game.


KSU volleyball postponed: I was hoping to bring news in this section that the volleyball team had snapped out of its funk with a resounding home win over Texas Tech.  Instead, the match had to be postponed because Texas Tech's team is fighting the flu (no word on whether it's H1N1 or not).  We wish a speedy recovery to the Red Raiders.

The Fourum

Link.  Beth Persondenhall is at it again, and now she hates milk.  We should see if she'll agree to write a guest column about KU, considering she seems to have a problem with just about everything.

I eat the Fourum for my daily fiber intake.

Beth Mendenhall, I had two glasses of milk today because I hate you that much.

Beth is terrorizing my mind.

To Beth Mendenhall: Everyone wants to see you do the gallon challenge with human milk now.