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K-State Slate, 9/23/09


Click the jump for K-State sports news and notes.


Austin Meek, Topeka Capital-Journal -- KSU notes: Signs of life?:  Forget all the stuff about Daniel Thomas, whether Carson Coffman is improving, and how the team is affected by two long road trips...they're going to have freaking cannons at the Tennessee Tech game!!!  How sweet is that?!

Meek, TCJ -- Slimmer Mayfield starting for Cats: When I first saw the headline, I thought "great, another Ron Prince-style slim-fast program for our football players.  But when you hear that the guy was 340 and got down to 316 by working hard, well, congrats to Kenny and Coach Dickey for the hard work.

Kevin Haskin, TCJ -- Southern Miss no gimmee: As far as the title goes, they're certainly not your typical Northern Colorado or Duke, but if KU can't beat USM at home, they're not going to win the North, either.  I loved his observation about the 2003 game against K-State in Lincoln, because I was one of those several thousand K-State fans.

Joshua Kinder, Manhattan Mercury -- Coffman still trying to do way too much: The title says it all, although I'm thinking that Coffman's problem thus far has been as much that he hasn't been very good at what he's doing as that he's trying to do too much.  He showed some incremental improvement against UCLA, so maybe we'll get more of that.

Men's Basketball

Curtis Kitchen has a good interview with K-State coach Frank Martin.  Hell, who am I kidding, any interview with Frank is good.  No offense, Curt.

Men's Golf

KSU first, KU second at Colbert: Joe Ida won his first collegiate tournament, and K-State won its home invitational after finishing ninth last week in Indiana.


Britton Drown, Manhattan Mercury -- Cats look to bounce back against Texas Tech: Not much in this one, other than Suzie Fritz being well aware that her young team is struggling in the young conference season.  A big home win over Texas Tech would do wonders for this team's confidence.

Unholy Alliance

I forgot this yesterday, but RPT over at Rock M Nation started a Twitter contest on Monday.  The topic: say something ridiculous about the Big 12.  Hilarity ensued.  Check it out, and your entries go in the comments.

The Fourum


Why does the Collegian have a "Best of the Fourum" when the Fourum itself is the worst of K-State?

If you don't like girls coming to class after working out then don't complain if we get fat.

Is it bad that I'm using the excuse of a guy got hit by a car to procrastinate for my homework? I'm using that same excuse as an excuse to call the Fourum.

I was in Lawrence this weekend. The lines were long, the girls were dumb and the bars smelled like vomit. Have they ever been to Aggieville?