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K-State Slate, 9/2/09


Click the jump for K-State news and notes and...the return of the Fourum!


K-State Sports -- Depth Chart Released: Grant Gregory apparently fell a little short in his bid to overtake Carson Coffman as the starting QB.  In other interesting notes, Daniel Thomas won the starting running back job, Attrail Snipes is (probably) starting at wide receiver, the defensive line averages a shade under 260, and the kickoff-return tandem of Brandon Banks and Daniel Thomas has the potential to be dynamic.

Topeka Capital-Journal -- Another Snyder rides into coaching: Kevin Haskin with his weekly musings.  Bill Snyder's daughter is a graduate assistant for the equestrian team at South Dakota.  I'm sure you're all as shocked as I am that the equestrian team even has graduate assistants.

Topeka Capital-Journal -- Coffman to start for Cats: I think the headline says it all.

Topeka Capital-Journal -- Newcomers abound: Some news and notes about the depth chart, and a positive word about the offensive line.  Which is nice.


K-State Sports: Wildcats win home opener: No. 23 K-State dispatched UMKC with relative ease in the Wildcats' home opener at Ahearn Fieldhouse.  The Cats took the match in four games, inexplicably dropping the second game by a lopsided score, 16-25, while winning the other three 25-13, 25-14, and 25-16.  Odd to have such a big flop in the second game, but a win is a win.  Next up for the Cats is a trip to Utah to play in BYU's tournament.

Other Stuff

Austin American Statesman -- Will the Big 12 North ever rise again?  Blah blah blah blah blah

The Fourum

Lucky you, BOTC readers.  The Collegian finally got yesterday's Fourum posted, so you get double-teamed by the Fourum today.

From September 1:

Beth Mendenhall would not approve of the "Men Working" sign on campus. It is not inclusive. 

Where's my gun? The squirrels have opened up the artillery.

To the hottie that wiped out on his bike in front of Marlatt on Friday: It is the sexiest fall we've seen. Don't be embarrassed.


From today:

Fourum, from the moment we met, I knew we had to be friends. 

To the people playing rap loud in the library: This isn't Tanks' minor night.

K-State should offer Parking 101 for those jerks who forgot that two lines means that you park in between them. That's all.

To everyone from southern warmer states complaining that it is already cold: Wait until November, it gets a lot worse.