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K-State Slate, 9/16/09


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Austin Meek, Topeka Capital-Journal -- KSU notes: Thomas a star: I recommend you read this if, for no other reason, than to see Bill Snyder's comments on Kanye West.  Not quite as strong as what the president apparently said, but pretty humorous for Snyder.

Kevin Haskin, TCJ -- Musings: A couple quick thoughts on K-State.  His mention of Mike Leach was much more entertaining.  I would call it very thinly veiled contempt.

Meek, TCJ -- Defense could reign at the Rose Bowl: Not to take anything away from this defense, but I miss the days when games were low scoring because our defense was really dominant, rather than because the other team wasn't very good on offense or had a lot of players out.


Rick Neuheisel has suspended four players for this weekend's game.  Not sure how much any of these guys play, but three of them are freshmen, so I doubt it's a huge loss.  I would say that losing the senior cornerback is a big loss, but I'll have to see our quarterbacks hit open receivers consistently before I have much hope from that.

The Fourum


People may not like Beth Mendenhall, but where would we be without her? The Collegian needs her; she's our Dark Knight.

Yo! Patrick Swayze, I know you just died, and I'm going to let you finish, but MJ's death was the best this year.

I don't understand how people in Manhattan can hate KU so much.